What Services Does Vello Offer?

Vello, formerly Carriage House Concierge, is a full-service property management company specializing in short-term rentals. Since our founding in 2014, we have built a wealth of knowledge that enables us to provide the optimal experience for both guests and property owners.

Our team is made up of experienced housekeepers, maintenance, contractors, designers, and managers who keep us running 24/7. Working together, we produce optimized Airbnb listings, unforgettable guest stays, reliable property maintenance, and turnkey management services that set us apart from the rest.

We put our expertise to work for you, providing a fantastic experience that makes us your trusted Airbnb or other short-term rental management partner.

Listing Services

As every short-term rental host knows, you can't make money on your vacation property unless people know about it. That's why we devote a substantial amount of time and energy toward creating eye-catching listings for your property on Airbnb, Vrbo, and all the major booking platforms.

From writing vibrant and attractive property descriptions to making sure every amenity is cataloged correctly, we maximize the appeal of your listing to potential guests. At the same time, we optimize your listing to ensure that the property ranks well on the different booking platforms.

Part of our listing optimization is our interior design service, which we customize to meet your unique property needs. Since images are the most significant factor in selling your listing to guests, we provide exceptional professional photography so that you can capture the attention of that perfect guest.

By taking advantage of our competitive ranking and profile optimization techniques, including our photography and marketing tools, you'll be amazed at the results your listing can achieve!

Concierge Support

Exceptional customer service is the bread and butter of any lodging business, and vacation rental properties are no exception. Vello emphasizes treating every guest with the highest level of hospitality. Making customers happy leads to great reviews, repeat rentals, and a sense of satisfaction with your listing.

We think of everything as we strive to make our guests feel welcome and at home, from stocking your rental home with wine, coffee, or snacks, recommending local restaurants and entertainment venues, or even simply fluffing the pillows before the travelers arrive.

Vello offers complete concierge services to fulfill your guest's requests and ensure they have everything they need during their stay. When we say "full-service," we mean it, too! We manage the entire check-in and check-out process, and during the time in between, we promptly respond to every guest's call, email, or text. We take quick action so that we can provide timely service or assistance.

So, instead of worrying about taking a guest's late-night distress call, our concierge service will have it taken care of!


A significant aspect of rental property management is cleaning and maintenance. Vello is just as committed to keeping your property ship-shape as we are to managing the direct guest experience or creating a stand-out Vrbo or Airbnb listing.

For that reason, our team provides end-to-end property cleaning and maintenance in addition to our many other services. From changing air filters and light bulbs to handling incidental property repairs that crop up, we provide complete coverage.

On top of addressing any repair problems as they crop up, our maintenance team also routinely performs thorough inspections of the property, ensuring you can rest easy knowing everything is well taken care of.


Vello is happy to offer our customers a complete turnkey short-term management service that encompasses all of the services listed above, including Booking and Listing Services, Staging and Photography, Guest Communication and Experience (i.e., Concierge Support), Cleaning, and Property Maintenance.

Our team is dedicated to looking after your vacation home, keeping it safe and well-stocked, and preparing it for your next booking.

Our full service allows us to craft the perfect listing for your short-term property, check on your house after each guest stays, and everything in between (such as leaving house supplies on-site or providing 24/7 concierge and maintenance support in the event of a guest complaint).


How does Vello work?

After you fill out our contact form or reach out to us by phone or email, a team member will walk you through our service offerings and determine with you if your vacation home is a good fit. 

We'll then work with you to perform our initial inspection, confirm any necessary purposes, clean up your property, and collect all the necessary information to create a great listing. After that, we'll roll out our services, from staging and photography to concierge support and ongoing maintenance.

How much does Vello charge?

We charge 20% of the booked nightly rate + cleaning fee (your Airbnb/Vrbo guest pays the cleaning fee) + Supplies.

What is a turnkey short-term management service?

In essence, turnkey short-term management service frees up hosts like you so that you don't need to spend all your free time acting as a housekeeper, DIY handyman, and problem-solver for your vacation rental property.

We remove a lot of the guesswork by running the short-term rental process for you, including marketing, staging, cleaning, listing optimization, guest check-in and check-out, responsive customer service, and property maintenance.

It may sound like a cliche, but Vello genuinely does it all.

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