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Phoenix Short Term Rental Management

Vello is a vacation rental management service that can transform your property into a successful short-term vacation rental on Airbnb, Vrbo, and other platforms.

With years of experience in short-term rental management, we offer a turnkey service to list, stage, clean, decorate, and manage the entire Airbnb short-term or vacation rental process from start to finish.

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Short Term Vacation Rental Services



We list your property on Airbnb, Vrbo, and all the major booking platforms. From writing vibrant and interesting descriptions to making sure every amenity is properly catalogued, we maximize the appeal of the listing to potential guests and ensure that the property ranks well on the different booking platforms.


We offer interior design services customized to your needs. Images are what ultimately sell your listing, and we provide exceptional professional photography free of charge.

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We treat our guests with the highest level of hospitality, which will generate great reviews and repeat rentals. Whether it’s stocking your rental with wine, coffee, snacks or recommending local restaurants and entertainment venues, we strive to make our guests feel welcome and at home. We offer concierge services to fulfill your guest’s requests and ensure they have everything they need during their stay.

We manage the entire check-in and check-out process and respond to every guest’s call, email, or text, acting promptly to provide timely service or assistance.

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We provide end-to-end property cleaning and maintenance. From changing air filters and light bulbs to handling property repairs, we provide complete coverage. Our team routinely performs thorough inspections, ensuring you can rest easy knowing everything is well taken care of.

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We offer a complete turnkey short term management service as seen below:

  • Booking
  • Guest Communication & Interaction
  • Guest Experience
  • Cleaning
  • Staging
  • Photography
  • Property Maintenance
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the legal requirements for running a short-term rental in Phoenix, Arizona?

In Phoenix, short-term rental owners must comply with city zoning regulations, obtain a city business license, and adhere to state tax requirements. It's essential to stay updated with local ordinances as they can change.

How does the climate in Phoenix affect short-term rental property management?

Phoenix's hot climate, especially in summer, means ensuring efficient air conditioning and heat management in rental properties. Regular maintenance of HVAC systems is crucial to provide comfort to guests.

What are the peak tourist seasons in Phoenix for Airbnb and VRBO rentals?

Peak seasons in Phoenix typically include the winter months (November to April) when the weather is more favorable. Events like the Phoenix Open Golf Tournament and Cactus League Spring Training also attract visitors.

How can I set competitive pricing for my short-term rental in Phoenix?

Pricing should consider factors like location, amenities, local events, and seasonal demand. Utilizing dynamic pricing tools and researching comparable listings in Phoenix can help in setting competitive rates.

What are the unique selling points of Phoenix as a short-term rental destination?

Phoenix's unique attractions include its desert landscapes, hiking opportunities, golf courses, and proximity to natural wonders like the Grand Canyon. Highlighting these in your listing can attract more guests.

How does local transportation in Phoenix impact short-term rentals?

Considering Phoenix's sprawling layout, rentals near public transportation or with parking availability can be more appealing. Informing guests about transportation options, including nearby highways and public transit, is helpful.

What are the most sought-after amenities for short-term rentals in Phoenix?

Popular amenities in Phoenix rentals include swimming pools, outdoor entertainment spaces, air conditioning, and facilities for remote work. Providing local guides and recommendations can also enhance guest experience.

How can I ensure my short-term rental complies with Phoenix neighborhood regulations?

Stay informed about local neighborhood covenants and HOA rules, which may have specific regulations regarding rentals. Engaging with the community and being responsive to neighbors' concerns is also important.

Short Term & Vacation Rental Management

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We manage whole homes, single units, multi-family, and commercial properties.

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"The team at Vello is simply the best. In my experience, they are responsive, professional, and reliable. Their customer service for guests is that of a 5 star hotel (even better) and they take care of my property like it’s their own. Recently, my home took some storm damage and Vello not only fixed the issues promptly but also rented it out again within three days. I could not be happier or recommend a better team and company to trust with your rental property."

Jim Cali
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