Marketing Your Airbnb Listing

There are many simple and creative ways you can promote your Airbnb listing and reach your target guests outside of the platform. From search engine optimization to boosting your social media presence, promoting your listing in clever ways can result in more bookings for your STR.

Like most hosts, you’re probably always searching for ways to increase your AirBnb bookings. Fortunately, many marketing tricks and strategies can increase your bookings and boost your passive income.

Maximize the Appeal of Your Existing Space

Improving the appeal of your existing space is one surefire way to garner new interest. Check out your competitors to learn what features and amenities they have to offer. These are often simple upgrades that go a long way, such as adding an espresso machine, free Wifi, or a washer and dryer on site. Next, determine if your rental space could use some updates in terms of decor. Incorporate unique pieces of furniture in bold colors, and add some personal touches that will help your space stand out and be more memorable. Whether it’s a matter of purchasing coffee table books, antiques, toys for kids, or integrating eye-catching lighting and accent walls, you can easily make your short-term rental feel more genuine and appealing. A good design often goes a long way in creating a unique guest experience.

Determine What Content to Share in Your Marketing

Sharing content that’s related to your vacation rental is a great way to create brand awareness and market your listing. Content marketing can help you consistently receive a greater number of bookings. If you have a website up and running already, you can create a content marketing campaign on your blog to generate more leads.

Highlight the Unique Features of Your Property

When you create a listing for your property, it’s important to showcase the unique features it has to offer and its high-quality amenities, both in the description and in the photos displayed with the listing and/or on your website. Whether the space is filled with unique furniture, a play area for the kids, important amenities for traveling families, such as a washer and dryer, or a swimming pool, be sure to highlight these features and amenities to increase your property’s appeal.

If your vacation home rental is located in or near a historic neighborhood, an awesome restaurant, or it's located in a bustling city, include important landmarks, mention upcoming events, and point out the beautiful neighborhood and surroundings.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Using social media platforms can be a great way to advertise your rental space for free. Set up a page with your listing and keep it active by regularly sharing new high-quality photos about the space, its amenities,  special offers, upcoming local events, and other types of social posts that will make your listing stand out. 

You can use your social media and upload walkthrough videos of the space, giving potential guests a look at what you have to offer. You can also post trendy pics, give design tips, and share other types of engaging pictures, such as destinations near your vacation home rental, popular restaurants, and upcoming events.

Collaborate with Social Media Influencers

Collaborate with social media influencers for powerful publicity. The simplest way to get a social media influencer to promote your listing is to allow them to stay at your rental property for free so they can review it and post about it. Many social media influencers will do this as long as your Airbnb listing has already generated some good reviews. Influencer marketing is just one effective way you can attract potential guests to your listing, reach a broad audience, and encourage past guests to leave positive reviews. 

Utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The visibility of your Airbnb listing in the search results can impact how successful your rental will be. The higher your listing ranks the more bookings you’ll get. If your listing is buried in the search results, it’s easily missed by people searching for a listing in your area. To handle this situation, take a proactive approach that will change your listing’s ranking and learn how to master Airbnb SEO. Using Airbnb search engine optimization, or Airbnb SEO, can increase the visibility of your listing in the search results. The Airbnb algorithm sorts out listings for users based on search criteria. Once you understand the ranking factors the Airbnb algorithm uses, it can make it much easier to climb in the rankings using Airbnb SEO.

To help with ranking your vacation rental property make sure you:

  • Upload high-quality beautiful property images for a more attractive profile 
  • Have well-written content that accurately describes your property listing
  • Display positive reviews

The search algorithm also takes into account how popular your listing is with guests. A popular property is more likely to be featured higher in the search results. To improve listing popularity, make sure you:

  • Offer competitive pricing
  • Respond quickly to guests
  • Have flexible minimum stay requirements
  • Offer a variety of check-in dates 
  • Ask your guests to leave you a review

How to Use Email Marketing

Offering discounts or exclusive deals to email subscribers can encourage them to book with you again. You can also encourage guests to forward your email to family and friends. Sharing information about local attractions or upcoming events will inspire a guest to visit your area again and book a stay with you. Be sure you include any upcoming events that aren’t recognized internationally but could spark some interest. Regularly email past guests whenever you’re offering a new discount or promotion. This will help to secure new bookings in the future.

Leverage Local Partnerships and Restaurants

To increase the popularity of your listing, collaborate with a local business. The first thing you’ll need to do is identify stores, activity centers, restaurants, or other places of interest that are popular with tourists. By building a partnership with restaurant owners and other establishments you can share their services and they can share yours, online. This type of beneficial partnership can help spread the word about your listing and local businesses and can also help your guests save money through discounts and offers.

Master Guest Communication

Before your guests check-in, they must have the information, instructions, and directions they need. When you have an Airbnb rental, always make sure you’re willing to answer a guest’s questions and help them resolve any issues as soon as possible.

To stay on top of guest communication, create a communication strategy. Once a guest has settled in, make sure you’re available to answer any questions they have.

Check and ensure your Airbnb notifications are on. You can receive notifications directly from the app, or by email or text.

Draft and save messages that you can send in seconds so each time a guest asks a common question, you’re able to respond quickly. 

You can use scheduled messages. Using this tool, a guest can receive an automated message at certain times, such as right before check-in or right after booking.

You can also assign a co-host who can help you manage guest communication and respond to guests if you’re not going to be available to monitor your email or phone.

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Utilizing the right marketing strategies can help you see an increase in your bookings. However, handling your Airbnb’s listing and ensuring it climbs in the rankings can easily become overwhelming, especially if your goal is a hands-off short-term rental situation. When you hire the team at Vello, they can create an engaging, appealing Airbnb listing that will highlight all the unique features your property has to offer, showcase important details that will make your listing stand out, and instantly improve the appeal of your listing. To learn more about the many services Vello has to offer, contact them today.

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