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How Much Money Can You Charge For an Airbnb in Dallas Fort Worth

Determining what to charge for your Airbnb in ‘The Big D’ is a big decision that will have a major impact on how successful you’ll be in the short-term rental market. Many short-term rental property owners fall into the trap of charging steep prices, resulting in a lower-than-average occupancy rate. Additionally, if an Airbnb host charges a lower-than-average price, especially during the peak season, they can end up leaving a lot of money on the table, negatively impacting their rental income. 

When deciding what to charge for your Airbnb in Dallas Fort Worth, there are many variables to take into account, such as the neighborhood your listing is in and the type of property. Doing your research can allow you to offer competitive pricing, ensuring you’ll earn what your property is worth, and enjoy consistent bookings. 

How Much Money Can You Charge For an Airbnb in Dallas Fort Worth? 

Once you’ve invested in an Airbnb rental property, the first step is figuring out how to price it. Unfortunately, pricing isn’t very straightforward. To succeed with your listing, you need to find the right daily rate that travelers are willing to pay. There are several factors at play here, including:

  • Property amenities
  • Average property prices 
  • The neighborhood your rental is located in 
  • Seasonality
  • Your review scores 

And other factors. 

Currently, in The greater Dallas area, the average nightly rate is around $225 for properties with a 4.5 star rating. 

Understanding the Dallas Fort Worth Airbnb Market 

With over 25 million visitors visiting the Dallas area each year, there is a high demand for Airbnbs in the area. In addition to the large number of tourists, many business travelers also visit due to the strong economic performance. 

Popular neighborhoods in the Dallas Fort Worth area include: 

  • Caruth Terrace
  • Lower Greenville
  • Preston Hallow
  • Lake Highlands 
  • Arlington Heights 

The Dallas Fort Worth area is packed with aquariums, parks, recreational centers, museums, popular eateries, and exciting nightlife, making this destination popular with families, couples, and professionals. With an Airbnb located in a popular neighborhood, you can take into consideration the demand for occupancies in your particular area and factor that into your nightly rate. 

Factors That Influence Airbnb Pricing in Dallas Fort Worth 

When you find the right price for your listing, you can attract guests and earn a fair income. However as mentioned earlier, many factors can influence what you should charge for your listing. 

These factors include:


Where your rental is located will significantly impact nightly rates. Properties that are located close to amenities such as parks, museums, and popular tourist destinations command higher prices. 


Seasonality also plays an important role in determining Airbnb prices. During high-demand periods, such as local events and holidays, you can charge a higher rate. During low-demand periods, you’ll need to adjust your rates to attract guests. 

Amenities and Property Size 

The amenities you offer and the size of your property will also factor into how much you’ll charge per night. Larger properties with more bathrooms and bedrooms will command a higher rate compared to smaller rental properties. Additionally, properties with amenities such as pools and hot tubs can also justify higher daily rates.

Guest Rating and Reviews

A guest rating and review can directly affect the price you can charge for your rental. Positive reviews and higher ratings build trust with potential guests, allowing you to charge more. 

Extra Costs and Fees

Consider any extra fees or costs associated with your property, such as additional guest fees, security deposits, pet fees, and cleaning fees. Ensure these costs are factored into your nightly rates. 

Analyzing Competitor Pricing and Offerings 

Once you have a general idea of how much you should charge for your rental, keep track of the results. If you’re consistently booking at your desired rate, you may have priced your property correctly. If not, you should adjust your price based on market demand.

Take a look at the competition. Search online and look at properties that are similar to yours, including the size of the property and the types of amenities offered. Get a general feel for what those hosts are charging per night and adjust your pricing to help your property stand out. 

Setting Competitive Rates for Your Dallas Fort Worth Airbnb 

Researching the competition is crucial to pricing your rental correctly. Compare the pricing of properties that offer the same overall quality, amenities, and property size. Setting your price too high compared to similar listings can cause a potential guest to choose the competing property that offers a more reasonable rate. However, if you price your property too low, it can increase your bookings but can also reduce your income. The key is finding the right balance based on amenities and quality. 

Maximizing Revenue Through Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is a pricing strategy that helps you set flexible prices that are in line with market demands. Using this strategy, you can quickly adjust your prices in response to the shifting market conditions. By staying on top of the market and anticipating an increase or decrease in occupancy demand, you can stay ahead of the competition, enjoying consistent bookings. For example, if there is an upcoming conference or festival, you can increase your rates during this high-demand time. In the winter months, when there is a dip in occupancy, you can lower your rates to make your property more appealing to potential guests. This can require plenty of research that can be time-consuming for some short-term rental owners. 

The Importance of Pricing Transparency and Value Perception

It’s important to ensure that any discounts or additional fees are communicated clearly in your listing. When it comes to money, any surprise can result in negative reviews and unhappy guests. While it’s important to run a profitable Airbnb, always consider the perspective of your guests in your pricing strategy. A transparent and fair approach will attract more guests while building trust which can result in repeat bookings. 

Optimize Your Airbnb Pricing with Vello's Expert Insights

When it comes to your Airbnb pricing strategy, the team at Vello can help. We know how to strategically set your Airbnb price and when to adjust the price. We stay on top of the local market so your listing will always offer the type of competitive pricing that results in more bookings and a higher income for you. To learn more about the services we offer here at Vello, contact us today.

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