Houston's Hidden Gems: Best Locations for Short-Term Rentals in the Energy Capital

Houston, TX is a thriving, bustling city chock full of great neighborhoods that are imbued with a sense of character and rich history, all within a balanced market. If you're a first-time real estate investor who wants to start earning with Airbnb rental properties, there are plenty of unforgettable locations to choose from in "Space City."

While amenities such as outdoor pools are a great way to spruce up your listing, location is still an enormous factor in securing a successful booking at a good price. You'll want to choose a short-term rental property located a feasible distance away from Houston's fabulous outdoor activities, fine dining experiences, and extraordinary museums.

You'll also want to host a vacation rental property that combines a great location with affordability and charm. With Houston offering a wide variety of both historical and chic neighborhoods, that's certainly an achievable goal.

Best Houston Neighborhoods for Airbnb Rentals

Houston, which is the fourth-largest city in the USA, has 88 "Super Neighborhoods." These in turn contain over 13,000 short-term rental properties that are currently available for tourists and visitors to try out.

With all that being said, it takes a bit of discernment to decide which neighborhoods are ideal for the would-be Airbnb entrepreneur looking to make money through real estate investing and meet customer demand at a fair rate relative to the median listing price.

The best Houston area neighborhoods for a real estate investment opportunity in the form of Airbnb hosting have 50 or more active listings, lower hotel occupancy rates (which can cut into the short-term rental market), and healthy average rates (including average daily rates) and an attractive average monthly income.

Houston is also well known for its parks, including Memorial Park (located in the Washington Corridor), so having a vacation property located near one while maintaining a middle-price tier couldn't hurt.

The Heights

Located northwest of the downtown Houston area, Houston Heights is a historic district within the city. From tree-lined streets to mom-and-pop shops and eateries by the dozens, The Heights is filled with charm and vibrancy. You can find a cute artisanal coffee shop, an iconic Victorian mansion, or a gorgeous antique shop, all at the drop of a hat.

In addition to boutiques, ice cream shops, and more, residents and visitors of The Heights can find several well-known Houston parks, including Donovan Park, Love Park, and Milroy Park. Whether going out for a picnic date or taking the kids to the playground, all of these parks are perfect for an afternoon or evening spent outdoors.

What's more, residency in The Heights provides easy access to attractions such as Buffalo Bayou Park (hello, 160 acres of fun!) and the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center.

With plenty of bungalows and craftsman-style houses in store, The Heights is perfect for any Airbnb host. AirDNA indicates that the average day rate for a rental in The Heights is $130.

The Museum District

Who doesn't love a trip to the museum? If you want to house your guests within reach of some of the most acclaimed museums in the country (19 museums in all!), the Museum District is the perfect place for you to rent out an Airbnb property.

Within the Museum District, visitors and tourists can enter the Museum of Fine Arts, the Children's Museum of Houston, the Buffalo Soldier National Museum, the Health Museum, the Space Center Houston, and the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Any one of these museums (10 of which are free to the public!) offers entire afternoons or even whole days spent admiring humanity's greatest achievements in art, science, and more.

Don't think that all the fun of the Museum District is limited to indoors, however. Hermann Park (which contains several trails, a golf course, the Houston Zoo, and a gorgeous Japanese garden that is home to all manner of cute wildlife) is only one of the fantastic green spaces in this Houston neighborhood.

With so much to do and so, and with an average daily Airbnb rental rate of $113, it's no wonder that the Museum District is a popular spot for Airbnb rentals.


 If you're looking for a Houston Airbnb rental neighborhood that's less contemplative and more trendy, you couldn't do better than the Midtown neighborhood, located south of downtown Houston. Between its high-rise buildings, active nightlife, and hip bar and restaurant scene, Midtown is the place to be for young people looking for a fun night on the town.

However, Midtown's appeal isn't limited to the young and the restless. Families can also enjoy the three-acre Midtown Park, which encompasses a pavilion, green lawn, trail, public playground, dog park, general market area, and more. Baldwin Park is another great spot for families and outdoor enthusiasts.

Midtown is also highly walkable, meaning that whether you're there for a night out or an afternoon with the family, you'll be able to find the perfect hangout spot while enjoying a nice outdoor view. The average price per night for renting a Midtown area Airbnb vacation home is sitting at $112, making this another affordable area for the up-and-coming Airbnb host.

Rice Village

Maybe you're interested in hosting an Airbnb property in an upscale neighborhood that still offers great access to the urban outdoors. If so, Rice Village is the perfect space for you to invest in. Located west of Texas Medical Center (which itself borders Hermann Park and is near the relatively new NRG Stadium), Rice Village combines classy boutiques and upscale cafes with a wondrous outdoor experience.

Take a long walk or a brisk jog through Hermann Park or the massive Rice University campus, stroll through the nearby arboretum, and enjoy the sights and sounds of a local that combines an appreciation for nature with a certain degree of affluence.

Despite how well off the region of Rice Village is, the average nightly price for an Airbnb rental in this neighborhood goes for only about $119.

Downtown and East Downtown

Forget the image you probably have in your mind of a harsh downtown skyline filled with imposing skyscrapers and drab office buildings. While the Houston Downtown area does provide a home for plenty of active businesses, it has much more life than a stereotypical urban downtown center.

For one thing, the Downtown district is home to two major sports teams: the Houston Astros (who play baseball at Minute Maid Park, aka "The Juice Box") and the Houston Rockets (who play basketball at the Houston Toyota Center). 

Guests who are less inclined toward sports and more interested in the fine arts, the Houston Ballet, the Houston Grand Opera, and the Houston Symphony can all be enjoyed in the Downtown district.

Tourists can also find plenty of unique restaurants representing various world cuisines, as well as plenty of fun bars. And for anyone interested in roaming the great outdoors, Discovery Green serves as a 12-acre oasis within an already incredible urban landscape. From walking trails to dog runs, Discovery Green is a memorable place in which to spend a day in Houston. And don't forget about Sam Houston Park!

As far as Airbnb rental ownership is concerned, Downtown Houston is a viable option, perhaps in part due to the high number of Downtown Houston condos and historic Houston lofts in the area. Despite high hotel occupancy rates in the area, average Airbnb day rates are sitting at a cool $120.

Meanwhile, East Downtown is a fast-growing neighborhood located (as the name would suggest) just east of Downtown proper. For that same Downtown flavor with an extra focus on trendy breweries, hip art galleries, and diverse restaurants, EaDo is the place to go. Average day rates for East Downtown are about $107, making this an affordable, pleasant area for an Airbnb investment property.


When people think "Houston," they often think "Galleria" right along with it. The Galleria is a massive indoor shopping center that sees more than 24 million visitors pass through its doors each year.

With nearly 400 individual stores (ranging from high-end outlets like Louis Vuitton to classic department stores like Macy's and kid-friendly shops like The Disney Store), 30 restaurants (suitable for everyone from the casual fast food junkie to the fanciest diner), and even an ice rink, all sitting on over 2 million square feet of shopping space, The Galleria is truly a sight to behold.

Believe it or not, there's more to The Galleria than the shopping mall, however. The surrounding neighborhood is a major step forward for high-end shopping, dining, and hotels (including the Hilton Hotel & Suites Houston) as well. In addition, the light rail-like METRO bus service makes navigating this urban environment easier than ever.

Despite how upscale the area is and how close it is to so many conveniences and attractions, the average daily price for an Airbnb rental in the Uptown-Galleria area is only about $103.

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