Historic Charm in Galveston and Dallas: Highlighting Heritage in Your Short-Term Rental Descriptions

What sets a short-term rental listing apart from the others? Is it unique, high-quality photos or a well-written vacation rental listing description? In the short-term rental industry, research has found that the description is what grabs a potential guest’s attention. With that being said, if you live in the Galveston or Dallas area, highlighting the natural beauty and the unique historic charm of these areas is sure to add to your property listing’s appeal and help increase your bookings.

Providing helpful information regarding the area, historic neighborhoods, local tourist spots, and upcoming events will grab the attention of many people who want to visit the Dallas or Galveston area.

When you write a property description, you can provide your guests with specific information regarding the Galveston or Dallas area where your listing is located. This can include a bit of history about the area as well as popular restaurants, local tourist attractions, and upcoming events. You can also recommend activities and go over the benefits your guests can anticipate when they choose to stay in your area.

This information will appeal to people who are traveling and searching for a last-minute getaway or a place to plan their next vacation. While this information shouldn’t be at the top of your vacation rental listing description, it’s a good way to add relevant information that a searcher will find helpful.

The Necessity of a Well-Written STR Description

A well-written property description of your rental property can make potential guests feel like they’re on a special journey from the start and make them more eager to reach their final destination. However, it can be challenging to write the perfect vacation rental listing description for your unique space. Make sure when you write a description that you highlight all the essential services and the amenities you have to offer.

If you’re willing to put in the effort, you can create a rental description that grabs the reader’s attention, resulting in more bookings.

Determine Your Ideal Guest

When you begin writing your property description, you must determine who your ideal guest is, and who you want to target, such as business travelers, travelers with pets, families with kids, or couples who are searching for a romantic getaway. Different guests have very different needs. For example, guests traveling with small children will look for a rental space that has a play area inside the property, and/or outside, a kitchen with utensils, and a laundry facility, while a couple may want a rental that has a hot tub and a fireplace. Those traveling on business will look for a quiet space that has wifi, a workspace, and other amenities that will make their business trip more relaxing and convenient.

Emphasizing Unique Selling Points (USP) in Galveston and Dallas

Potential guests may pick your short-term rental for a specific reason, the location, or the unique features and amenities your space has to offer. If your rental is located in a historic neighborhood, or by museums and other attractions such as popular restaurants or parks, it’s worth highlighting those in your vacation rental listing description. Consider what your target guest would be looking for regarding the location and mention attractions and activities that you believe would appeal to them. Additionally, focus on the type of vacation experience you’re offering. Mention any popular features and amenities available when they book your vacation home, and emphasize what makes your property stand out from your competitors.

Highlighting Historic Neighborhoods

When you’re writing your STR property description, ensure you discuss your property’s unique selling points. It’s also a good idea to brainstorm some of the aspects that make your short-term rental so unique compared to the other options in your area. For example, if your property is located close to a certain attraction, such as a hiking trail or historic neighborhood, or activities for kids, include this information in your vacation rental listing description and provide guests with details, such as:

  • Just a five-minute walk to historic neighborhoods in Dallas or Galveston
  • A two-minute walk to popular tourist spots
  • Close to public transportation 
  • Large outdoor spaces for kids and pets 
  • Pet-friendly
  • Stunning views 
  • Air conditioning 
  • Within walking distance of coffee shops
  • Washing machine and dryer on site 
  • Easy access to parks, trails, or other fun activities for couples or the entire family
  • A secluded and quiet, romantic getaway

Providing this type of information will give potential guests a good idea of what they can expect and what there is to do in your area.

Do your research and include other information about your property that is rare or unique. This type of information can result in satisfied guests, excellent guest feedback, and positive reviews. 

Use Keyword-Rich Yet Organic Language

Keywords are terms that people will use when they’re looking for information in search engines. Keywords are also part of what a search engine will scan in content when it's deciding your rankings. Choosing relevant keywords to use in your property description is important to drive traffic to your listing and allows potential guests to make an informed decision when searching for the perfect getaway. 

For example, if you’re located in Galveston, and a couple is searching for a place to stay, they may search for a romantic getaway near Galveston. In this case, Galveston would be one of your keywords.

When choosing keywords, consider what people might search for when looking for an STR in your area. To stay ahead of the competition, target keywords that are relevant and less competitive.

Point Out Niche Details

Your property may cater to certain types of guests or it may be situated in a part of Texas that offers certain activities to tourists. These important details will attract guests, so make sure you mention this information in your listing. Whether your space caters to business travelers, tourists in search of local nightlife, or couples who want a secluded getaway, providing this information in your description can help searchers determine whether your property offers the types of features, amenities, and environment that can make their vacation more convenient, exciting, and memorable.

What NOT to Include in Your Listing Description

Knowing what information not to include in your listing is just as important as knowing the information you should offer.

When writing a description, avoid writing everything in caps in an attempt to make your listing stand out. Generally, people will consider this rude. Do not use acronyms, which some guests may not understand. Do not use symbols or emojis, which can violate some STR platforms. Do not go overboard with adjectives. This can make your rental property seem fake or inauthentic. Do not post old or misleading photos. Make sure all of the photos you use are up-to-date, accurate, and high-quality. Edit and proofread your description. Make sure your listing description is free of errors before you post. Avoid including promotional links in your listing description. This can be distracting and will make your listing look spammy.

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