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Want to find out how much you could earn by turning one of your properties into a short-term or vacation rental home? Plug your information into Vello's top-notch calculator and let it estimate how much monthly or annual revenue you could make in the short-term rental market.

With the help of our calculator, you'll be able to use the most up-to-date short-term rental data to decide the right time to list a rental property, how well you can expect your listed property to do in each season, and how much your property value could change over time.

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Use Our Free Airbnb Price Calculator

In the past, you probably felt like you had to be a real estate genius or a financial wizard to guess the earnings potential of a vacation rental property. Unless you fell into one of those categories, you probably thought it was hard to know the right time to invest in a short-term rental property.

That's where Vello's free-to-use Airbnb price calculator comes in. Enter the address for your current or prospective rental home, and we'll use our expertise to project its estimated revenue, average daily rate for a guest's stay, nightly rates, and more!

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Understand Your Potential Income

It doesn't matter if you're new to the Airbnb game or have been making money through short-term rental properties for years. Our free Airbnb price calculator will help you wherever you're at in the journey.

From first-time hosts wondering how profitable a vacation rental business can be to second-home owners wondering if short-term renting is a financially savvy decision, our calculator will help you out. And for moguls looking to acquire a new Airbnb property or investors deciding between long-term and short-term rents for a given property, our calculator will let you make an informed decision.

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Know Your Competition

Apart from understanding the full earnings potential of your potential vacation rental investment, as well as how different seasons of the year can affect how much your property earns throughout the year, our calculator will also provide you with an analysis of other rental properties in your neck of the woods, giving you an idea of the competition in your area.

Armed with this information, you'll be better equipped to decide if your property is in the right area to turn a great profit, as well as help you determine more competitive pricing when you decide to list your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

As great of a tool as the Airbnb price calculator is, you probably still have plenty of questions. We'll be happy to put your mind at ease by answering some of the most common inquiries that arise when discussing the rental income calculator.

How accurate is the calculator's estimate?

While the Airbnb price calculator provides you with a rough estimate based on the data you've provided, as well as averages of occupancy rates and other metrics in your local area, your actual earnings can vary. Influential factors include the quality of your guest reviews, how often your property is booked, your current pricing strategy, and more.

Taken together, you'll have a better idea of the potential return on investment you could garner from your property.

How does the Airbnb price calculator work?

When you put your rental home's address into the calculator, our software will compile a list of comparable investment properties in the area, sorting them based on how similar they are to your property type.

The calculator will also take other key factors into account, such as how well the local rental market properties perform during the given season of the year, the current demand for short-term and vacation rentals in your area, and overall revenue growth in the local market.

Through this in-depth analysis, our free Airbnb calculator will provide an accurate estimate of your property address's earnings potential, allowing you to make a more informed decision about if and when to list your property as a short-term Airbnb rental.

How do I factor in my own expenses when using the calculator?

Whether renting out your property short-term is a side hustle that generates passive income or is a major source of earnings for you, you need to remember that running a vacation or rental property is a business like any other. Our tool is a price calculator, not a profit calculator.

In other words, while the calculator provides an estimate of potential revenue that you could earn with your vacation property, this is only gross revenue. To determine your actual net profit margin, you'll need to subtract your operational costs from the total revenue.

Common rental property owner costs that you'll need to take into account include your home mortgage, monthly utilities, setup costs, cleaning costs, regular maintenance and upkeep expenses, and any other costs associated with owning and maintaining your property at a high enough standard to make it a desirable vacation home.

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