Airbnb Automation Tools: How to Save Time and Money

The short-term rental business is at a record high. It is an ideal business venture if you don't want to rent your properties full-time. Vello helps you automate most of the tasks for your vacation rental business, saving you time and money.

Enhance the Guest Experience with Airbnb Automation, Instant Book, and Smart Calendar Sync

You would want your guests to have a seamless check-in experience at your rental properties. But you are tired of manually accepting and approving new bookings. Instant Book helps by only accepting booking requests from clients who meet specific requirements.

Instant communication with potential guests is also essential to enhance their Airbnb experience. Vello property management software helps create personalized messages based on guest actions. Some of the automatic messages you can create include.

  • Check-in instructions
  • Check-out instructions
  • Booking confirmation
  • Answers to common guest inquiries

Smart calendar sync helps your vacation rental property's availability to stay consistent across various booking platforms. You only have to sync your booking calendar with other booking sites, avoiding double bookings for the same rental property.

Self-Check-In and Check-Out with Guests Guide Books

Most guests might not go through the housing manual on the app. Why not set up a QR code with a digital welcome guide? The Airbnb guests can scan the QR code using their smartphones to access the comprehensive guide.

Automated guest check-in and check-out give you the flexibility to do other things. The guests can check in when they want without you waiting for them, and you don't have to suffer the inconvenience when your guests have a late check-out.

Use Keyless Entry Systems and a Security System to Protect Your Property and Your Guests

Electronics or smart locks make check-in and check-out access easier for your potential guests. To share the access codes, set up an automated message to activate at the guests' check-in time.

Keyless entry systems ensure guests don’t worry about losing keys. If guests mistakenly carry the keys, you can still access your property. It's easy for a robber to find a key, but they cannot enter the property without access details for keyless entry systems. Hence, keyless entry systems protect the guests' personal belongings and your property.

Use a Pricing Automation Tool to Set Your Rates

Vello offers dynamic pricing tools for your rental properties. Airbnb pricing requires considering seasonal rates for holidays or low and high travel seasons. It helps you set an optimal price over other Airbnbs, increasing occupancy rates.

The property management software has a smart pricing strategy. Turning it on automatically adjusts your nightly price depending on current demand. All you have to do is set up a minimum and maximum price per night.

You can also request detailed price breakdowns according to market demands. That way, you can get a maximum price the app won't surpass.

Save Costs with Smart Thermostats and Energy-Efficient Solutions

Smart thermostats help you track energy consumption in your property. Pair a smart thermostat with a heating and air conditioning system. Because most smart thermostats are Wi-Fi compatible, you can set the A/C to sense when guests are not home and turn it off.

Automation tools such as smart thermostats lead to significant energy savings. You can also schedule the outdoor lights to turn on or off at appropriate times.

Use Property Management Software to Manage Your Entire Airbnb Business

Vello is the best property management company for routine operations at your properties. It helps you run your rental business with ease. You no longer have to run your rental properties, leaving you to concentrate on your full-time job.

Vello is an AirBnb property management company that helps short term rental owners manage several properties by letting us do all the heavy lifting. You can use it on a mobile, tablet, or desktop. The system allows you to have all your properties in one place. You can even create a website that accepts direct bookings.

Property management software streamlines communication processes with your clients. You can easily see what is happening on your property without physically visiting.

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